Below is a listing of the construction dispute boards on which Mr. Clough has served. Some of the arbitrations and mediations in which Mr. Clough has been involved and typical expert witness assignments are also listed.

Dispute Boards - Russell Clough
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
04/95-08/96 First Ave Bridge Seattle Metro Coluccio 8 X Two frozen shafts and 1,500 feet of tunnel using pipe jacking and Iseki TBM for sewer relocation
10/95-10/98 Scioto Wastewater Interceptor City of Columbus, Ohio McNally 19 X Several shafts, 7,000 feet of TBM tunnel for sewer
11/95-06/96 Alki Wastewater Transfer King County, Seattle McNally 25 X 10,000 feet of EPB tunnel with two shafts. Very soft ground and high water table
06/96-06/00 Universal City Station Los Angeles County MTA Tutor-Saliba 80 X Rapid Transit Station. Deep exc-soldier pile/tie backs, concrete structure, finish mech-elect work
08/96-05/97 Portland Light Rail Tri-County Kajima 35 X Light rail rapid transit system in Portland
04/97-03/99 Congress Heights Subway WMATA Kiewit-Kenny 60 X Washington, DC rapid transit system. Soft ground twin bore TBM tunnel and associated work
03/98-12/01 Contract 4 Wastewater System Wayne County Detroit Ric-Man Const, Inc 16 X Three miles of 10 foot diameter TBM tunnel, several shafts for municipal wastewater system
03/98-04/99 Orinda Wastewater System Contra Costa County Mountain Cascade 9 X Two miles of 3-4 foot diameter microtunnel, numerous shafts, open cut, etc.
11/98-09/99 Highway 17 Slide Repair Caltrans San Jose Granite 3 X Excavation, soil nail wall, and slide repair on state Highway 17
11/98-06/01 Rapid Transit Project Toronto Transit Commission McNally, PCL, Foundation 105 X Construction of rapid transit subway tunnel using EPB in Toronto
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
11/98-09/99 Salinas River Project Caltrans Salinas Dillingham 7 X Earthquake retrofit of highway bridge on Highway 101 near Salinas
05/99-05/01 Rapid Transit Station Toronto Transit Commission Walter/SCI Const. 80 X Construction of subway station, five story parking structure, bus garage in Toronto
06/99-10/01 Interstate 80 Highway Bridge Caltrans Davis RM Harris 13 X Interstate 80 bridge and overpass near Davis
12/99-07/03 Rinconada Treatment Plant Santa Clara Water Dist. Pacific Mechanical 7 X Water treatment plant
04/00-07/03 Penitencia Treatment Plant Santa Clara Water Dist. Pacific Mechanical 17 X Water treatment plant
06/00-06/02 Universal City Bridge Los Angeles MTA & Caltrans Brutoco, Inc. 30 X Bridge over Hollywood Freeway (101) and restoration work
02/01-09/02 Denny Way CSO Project King County Seattle Coluccio Const. Co. 30 X 15 foot diameter EPB tunnel, several shafts, and smaller tunnels
01/02-11/05 Highway 108 Bypass Caltrans Sonora Goodfellow Const. 41 X California State freeway bypass and bridges near Sonora
07/02-12/03 Olivenhain Dam San Diego County Water Authority Kiewit 150 X Roller Compacted Concrete Dam and ancillary works in Southern California
09/02-05/04 South Lake Union Pipe King County Seattle Coluccio Const. Co. 11 X Combined sewer outflow pipelines and structures - microtunneling and EPB
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
06/03-06/06 Reno Rail Corridor City of Reno Granite-Parsons 180 X Design Build Project to depress railroad in subgrade structures through Reno
08/03-07/06 San Jose Flood Channel Santa Clara Water District RGW 11 X Flood control channel excavation and structures in San Jose
09/03-03/07 Prado Dam Corps of Engineers, Corona CA Skanska Yeager 70 X Raise existing dam, new outlet and ancillary works near Corona
12/03-08/05 Interstate 680 Freeway Caltrans Walnut Creek RGW 35 X Upgrade and widen freeway, bridges, retaining walls, etc.
08/04-03/05 Hwy 101/85 Interchange Caltrans San Jose Pavex 20 X Upgrade and widen freeway, bridges, etc.
10/04-08/06 New Natomas Pump Station Sacramento Sanitary District Kiewit 100 X Undergorund pump station and surface facilities
04/05-04/08 Calif. State Highway 22 Orange County Transit Granite 460 X Design build freeway in Southern California
04/05-11/05 Bradshaw Waste Water Line Sacramento Sanitary District Affholder 21 X Wastewater EPB tunnel and facilities in Sacramento
05/05-10/07 Laguna Interceptor Sacramento Sanitary District Teichert 15 X Wastewater pipeline, EPB tunnel, and facilities in Elk Grove
06/05-05/07 Highway 87 Widening Caltrans San Jose RGW 44 X Widen freeway, bridges, etc. in San Jose
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
09/05-09/08 Los Angeles Light Rail MTA Washington, Shimmick, Obayashi 898 X At grade, stations, and underground design build rapid transit, EPB tunnel
08/06-10/07 Highway 280 Widening - Upgrade Caltrans San Jose RGW 16 X Widen freeway, bridges, etc.
11/06-07/07 Hetch Hetchy Upgrade San Francisco PUC Ranger Pipeline 20 X Water structures and upgrades across Hayward fault
11/06-03/08 Ellis Ave Sewer Orange County San District Barnard Soletanch 32 X Wastewater structures and EPB tunnel
04/07-05/10 Brightwater Central King County WA Vinci Parson Frontier Kemper 220 X Design Build Wastewater structures and Slurry TBM tunnel under high head
07/07-10/09 NW Interceptor 9 Sacramento Sanitary District Rados 55 X Wastewater pipeline, pipe boring, and facilities in NW Sacramento
07/07-06/10 San Jose Airport City of San Jose Hensel Phelps 720 X Design build with GMP. Improvements to airport terminal
09/07-06/08 Hwy 152 Truck Lane Upgrade Caltrans Hollister Hwy 152 RGW 11 X Soil nail and retaining walls, truck lanes, etc.
11/07-11/09 Lenihan Dam Santa Clara Water District Flatiron 35 X Upgrade diversion works for dam including 2,000 foot tunnel
12/07-05/10 Brightwater West King County, WA JayDee, Coluccio 250 X Design Build Wastewater structures and Slurry TBM tunnel under high head
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
03/08-12/09 Alemany Pump Station San Francisco PUC Monterrey Mechanical 30 X Cleanwater Pump Station in San Francisco
04/08-09/12 Bujagali Dam Uganda, Sithe Global Salini 300 X 250 MW hydroelectric project, rock and concrete dam on the Nile River in Uganda
06/08-06/10 Seven Trees Library City of San Jose Gonsalves & Stronck Co. 26 X City center and library building in San Jose
09/08-02/10 Harry Tracy Water Plant San Francisco PUC NTK Construction, Inc. 14 X 144 MGD water treatment plant upgrade in San Bruno
11/08-11/12 Channel Pump Station San Francisco PUC Monterrey Mechanical 15 X Pump, odor control, and injection system improvements, etc.
11/09-12/11 Hwy 580 Isabel Crossing Caltrans RGW 27 X Interstate highway interchanges, bridges, etc. in Livermore
11/09-05/11 Hetch Hetchy Crossover San Francisco PUC Shimmick 13 X Improvements to three sections of the Hetch Hetchy pipeline in Santa Clara
12/09-06/13 220-UW to Capitol Hill Subway Sound Transit Traylor Frontier Kemper 310 X 4.4 miles EPB subway tunnels + station
01/10-03/11 University Mound Retrofit San Francisco PUC SJ Amoroso 30 X Earthquake retrofit of roof structure for 50 million gallon storage reservoir
03/10-06/13 230-University Link Sound Transit Jay Dee, Coluccio, Michels 155 X 1.5 miles of 21 ft. diameter EPB subway tunnels and station
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
05/10-11/12 Brightwater BT3 Completion King County, WA Jay Dee, Coluccio 70 X Two miles of 14 ft. diameter EPB TBM tunnel under 6 bar head
08/10- San Francisco Bay Tunnel San Francisco PUC Michels, Coluccio, Jay Dee 260 X Five miles of 12 ft diameter EPB in San Francisco Bay sediments. Two slurry wall shafts
11/10- New Irvington Tunnel San Francisco PUC Southland, Tutor Perini 255 X 3.5 miles of 14 ft diameter roadheader, blast tunnel, 130 ft shaft, difficult ground
12/10-02/12 Tully Rd. Caltrans RGW 26 X Freeway bridge, intersections, appurtenant work
12/10-01/13 Iconic Bridge LA Subway, Metro Gold Skanska 30 X Freeway bridge, appurtenant work
02/11- Alaska Way Seattle Washington Dept of Trans Tutor Dragados HNTB 1,300 X 1.5 miles 60 ft diameter EPB tunnel, 0.5 miles open cut, glacial till
04/11-05/15 Seymour Cap Tunnels Metro Vancouver Frontier Kemper AECON Shea 181 X 14.4km of 3.7m diameter rock tunnels with TBM. 180m shaft + two 4m x 268m raise bores
07/11-03/12 880/280/17 Intersection Caltrans DeSilva Gates 8 X Repairs on interstate highway overcrossings in San Jose, CA
09/11- Calaveras Dam SF PUC Dragados, Flatiron, Sakut 530 X 220 ft high earth and rockfill dam and appurtenant works
10/11-03/13 San Diego Airport SD Airport Authority Kiewit/Sundt 300 X Design build with GMP. Improvements to San Diego Airport
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
11/12-06/13 Topaz Highway 395 Caltrans Disney Construction 15 X Highway repairs and retaining walls
04/13-04/15 580 Livermore Caltrans DeSilva Gates 38 X Truck widen lane and overpasses on interstate
04/13-11/15 580 Altamont Caltrans DeSilva Gates 20 X Truck lane addition on interstate
09/14-08/16 Toronto Water Supply Peel, Mississagua Southland Technicore Mole 235 X About 5 miles of 11 ft dia TBM tunnel, open cut, ancillary fresh water works
09/15-03/17 Berryessa Channel 1 Santa Clara Water District Brosamer & Wall 13 X Creek restoration and flood control of 1.7 miles of drainage channel
10/15- High Speed Rail HSRA FCI 1,100 X California high speed rail contract through Central Valley
02/16-08/16 680 Freeway Barrier Caltrans Dirt and Agg Constructors 4 X DRA for crash barriers on freeway in Alameda County
03/16- Mountain Tunnel Access SFPUC Shimmick 5 X DRA for repair of adits into Hetch Hetchy Mountain Tunnel near Groveland, California
09/16- Berryessa Channel 2 Santa Clara Water District Brosamer & Wall 39 X Creek restoration and flood control and drainage channel
09/16- Peninsula Pipeline SFPUC Mitchell Engineering 7 X DRA for upgrade pipeline and new valves
Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Chair Appt by Owner Appt by Cont Description
11/16- Mountain Tunnel Access SFPUC Sierra Mountain Construction 5 X DRA for repair of Hetch Hetchy Mountain Tunnel above Priest, California
01/17- Penitencia Seismic Santa Clara Water District Ranger Pipelines 22 X Replacement of structures and pipelines over active slide and fault zone
02/17- 580 Freeway Repair Caltrans Bay Cities Paving 63 X Repair of Interstate 580 over Sunol Grade, California
73 TOTALS $9,405 34 21 18
Typical Arbitrations and Mediations
  Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Description
06/65-12/94 Various Various Various n/a Involved in a number of contract negotiations as an engineer or contractor with unions and owners.
12/97-01/99 Dublin Water Treatment Plant San Ramon Water District Overaa Const. Co. 8 Project Arbiter Met every month with owner and contractor
05/98-01/99 Dublin Water Pipe Line San Ramon Water District Ranger Pipe Line Co. 7 Project Arbiter Met every month during pipe line project with owner and contractor
09/99 Highway 17 Caltrans Granite 3 Mediator for unresolved slope stability issue
12/02-01/03 South Interceptor Sewer King County Seattle Tri-State Construction 28 Mediator for $3MM dispute regarding changed conditions, etc.
01/10- Brightwater Central King County Seattle Vinci, Frontier Kemper, Parsons 220 Co-Mediator for dispute regarding slurry TBM/plant, ground conditions, etc.
Typical Expert Witness Assignments
  Date Project Owner Contractor $ Contract (millions) Description
1986 Caldicott Tunnel Caltrans Various 50 Personal injury and property damage suit resulting from auto accident and fire in tunnel
1992 Bureau San Felipe Project USBR Various 50 Personal injury suit for the Bureau of Reclamation
1998 Cottonwood Wine Cave Norm Beko Underground Associates 1 Contract dispute for wine cave
1997/8 San Francisco Sinkhole City of San Francisco Various 30 Property damage from sewer collapse
1997/8 LA Subway Metro Trans Kajima and Ray Wilson 50 Personal injury suit resulting from accident on subway decking
1999 Chimes Creek Sewer Alameda County MTL 1 Contract claim for creek rehab and sewer relocation project
1999 LA Subway MTA Traylor Bros 5 Personal injury suit resulting from shoring failure
1999 Oakland Stadium City County Tutor Saliba 70 Concrete pumping accident