Below are some examples of typical projects for which Mr. Clough has provided consulting services.

China Water Transport | Public Development | Private Development | Hydroelectric Development

Mr. Clough spent a year, including five weeks in China in 1998, consulting for the Chinese Government on a proposal to transport water from the Yangtze to the Yellow River. This project requires tunnels and canals more than one hundred kilometers in length at elevations above 3,000 meters in isolated parts of the country.
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Three Gorges Dam

Public Development Projects
Dougherty Residential, Santa Clara Water, Willow Creek Bridge, etc.
Mr. Clough has provided consulting services for an infrastructure project for eleven hundred residences in Northern California, upgrades for an existing bridge, public power facilities, etc.
Dougherty housing development Willow Creek Bridge Bridge foundation

Private Development Projects
TJ Rodgers Wine Cave, etc.
Mr. Clough spent about a year advising TJ Rodgers on his three caves in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The entire wine making facility will be situated underground, requiring closely spaced openings in difficult ground close to the surface.

Hydroelectric Development
Tyee, San Gabriel, Caribou Powerhouse,
Pine Creek, Hawaii, etc.
Mr. Clough has consulted on a number of retrofit, proposed, or constructed hydroelectric projects. Some of these have been associated with existing dams, some with high head natural lakes, and some with pump storage schemes.